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1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard
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Guild F212 12 String Acoustic ('66) SOLD

Guild F212
12 String Acoustic
S# AN 705 (1966)
Hoboken, NJ

Originally designed and produced in late 1963, the 4th year edition is a quintessential model evidenced by the Line 6 Variax choice of offering a 1966 Guild F212 symulation in its popular guitar. 

This guitar was manufactured at the Hoboken, NY Guild guitar factory, the second plant after the original in NYC.  Subsequently Guild moved to a long stint in Westerly, RI, and post Fender acquisition, found its way to Corona CA and now Tacoma Washington where Guild Acoustics are being made in 2007.  More on Guilds history can be found at Guild Guitars.

This original configuration features a 25 1/2" scale,  16" jumbo style body with Solid Spruce top, Solid Mahogany Back and Sides, a 3 piece Mahogany/Maple/Mahogany neck, rosewood bridge and unbound fingerboard.   ortoise Celluloid Pickguard and 7 ply top and 3 ply back binding are aged and yellowed nicely.

The case fits the guitar a little loosely, so I am inclined to think it is not OHS.  It is however a Guild Hard case and appears to be quite old.

My Observations

This baby is in need of serious attention.  The finish is actually in good shape.  Although it enjoys several dings, dents, scratches on both the top and back, te actual finish is nicely checked and stable.  A good cleanup and buffing would actually make this guitar quite nice. The tortoise celluloid pickgurad is waivey and the 7 ply top binding is in pretty good shape for a Guild of this era with only very slight separation at the waste.  The back 3 ply is only slightly spearated at the seem located south of the neck heal. 

With the help of my preferred Luthier and authorize Guild, Martin, Fender and Gibson repair tech, Paul Neri of Clinton CT, I can offer the following suggestions for repairs to bring the beauty back to excellent playing condition:
  • Neck Reset
  • Repair of crack in the top Bass Bout top.  This is not easily seen as it is not seperated, but it appears to be throug te top and should be stabalized. 
  • Bridge - The rosewood bridge is cracked between the string holes at the second row.  Only solution is to replace.  The under bridge plate inside has similar cracks, but can be resolved at same time.  There is a slight "hump" to the back o the bridge.  This many very well adjust over time with the misc repairs, but at minimum could be compensated for in the bridge replacement and neck reset.
This is a lot of work for a guitar that has an apparent threshold of current sale value of $1000, but a reputable luthier would likely charge half of that.  With an original MSRP of $335 in 1966, it is ironic that a similar price today represents an unique opportunity to pay a similar price today for a guitar that when finished will offer years beyond it first 41 to an acoustic player with the added seasoning that only a true vintage guitar can offer.

For more details, please contact me.

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